CMT Exhibitions:

The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre company (CMT) are known internationally for their production of stunning art science automata exhibits, and interactive educational workshops.

CMT’s exhibitions have toured for over 20 years, entertaining and engaging audiences at prestigious venues worldwide including: The Exploratorium, San Francisco, USA; South Bank Centre, London, United Kingdom; phaeno, Wolfsburg, Germany; El Parque de las Ciencias, Granada, Spain; Abu Dhabi Science Festival, Abu Dhabi, UAE ; Singapore Science Centre, Singapore; Questacon Science Museum, Australia, and Guangdong Science Centre, China.

SES is delighted to manage on behalf of CMT, the international touring programme of several of their exhibitions. Example exhibitions include:

  • Mechanical Circus – a highly entertaining, interactive, educational exhibition that celebrates the story of how scientists used the following: mechanical exhibits; physics games; optical puzzles; and complex automata, to showcase their latest scientific ideas and discoveries. Displayed in a vibrant fair-ground and carnival atmosphere, the exhibition includes a wonderful and humorous combination of scientific tricks, facts, exhibits, spectacular experiments and marvelous mechanical pieces. CMT have collaborated with the Museum Boerhaave, Netherlands, and integrated elements of the Museum’s collection into the exhibition, drawing on their curatorial expertise to design and develop a truly memorable experience for school groups and family audiences.
  • Curious Contraptions – an exhibition of two parts. Witty, beautifully hand-crafted automata are displayed alongside hands-on exhibits that show the basic mechanisms involved in making the automata work. Through the practical process of constructing these simple machines, visitors will learn about kinetic energy, levers, weights, pulleys, chains, gravity, the nature of apparent randomness of movement and friction.‘ By constructing imaginative and fun machines, learners will at the same time understand the basic principles of science.

Key exhibition facts:

  • Space required: suitable for galleries 250-650 square metres
  • Turnkey exhibitions
  • Target audience: Family groups, school groups, science enthusiasts

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Other exhibitions for hire:

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All images on this page are © Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, Museum Boerhaave, Netherlands, and Robin Mitchell.