SES’s consulting services include:

Managing creative concept development, business planning and market testing processes:

If your organisation has an idea for a travelling exhibition or permanent attraction, and would like to develop initial creative concepts to help test its market appeal and potential viability, SES, through its comprehensive network of designers, content developers, illustrators, and cost consultants can: formulate the necessary teams; provide the required business planning services; manage the creative development process, and undertake market testing. Supplying these deliverables enables informed decisions to be made prior to investing in the major design and build costs of the project.

Scoping studies:

For organisations either developing or already operating travelling exhibition venues, SES can provide scoping studies to identify exhibitions that are suitable to display at your attraction. No two venues are the same, and each has its own criteria when it comes to hosting shows; be it subject matter, budget, or general operating requirements. SES is sensitive to the market’s needs and understands that each location is different. Using this knowledge and expertise, appropriate exhibition recommendations can be made.

Developing sales materials and sales processes:

For exhibitions already developed, or those in the process of being designed, SES can help create appropriate sales materials to assist with the promotion of exhibition products to potential venues for display. SES, with its extensive understanding of the travelling exhibitions sector, means it is well placed to advise on how best to present touring products to UK and international markets.

Promoting exhibition products to potential venues for display:

SES has access to an excellent network of venues worldwide interested in hosting exhibitions. SES can assess an exhibition’s market appeal, help find locations, and secure bookings.

Exhibition contract negotiations:

Travelling exhibitions can be a complex process, with a vast number of operational and business factors to consider. With so many elements to take into account, it is important to ensure the right conditions are put in place when negotiating touring contracts. Whether it is securing incoming travelling exhibitions for host venues, or promoting exhibitions for hire, SES can handle the contract negotiations on behalf of the exhibition supplier or venue owner.

SES has a wealth of knowledge to assist the process, making negotiations as smooth as possible, and allowing exhibitions to be displayed with minimum fuss.

All images on this page are courtesy of BWPA Exhibition. Owl image: Mark Hughes, Graceful Barn Owl, BWPA 2015 Competition.